Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nearly All Warming Has Occurred Since 1965

Today NOAA announced that April was the 2nd-warmest year in their records. The monthly calculations of JMO and GISS found the same.

I thought I'd put up this chart, which is a calculation of the percentage of global warming that has happened since any point in the past. As usual, for any year Y:

total_warming(Y-to-present) = total_trend(Y-to-present)*(present-Y)

The total global warming from NOAA's data is now +0.95°C. Their record starts in Jan 1880.

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DocRichard46 said...

Would you say this refutes the notion that present warming is due to a recovery from the LIA? I would imagine that such a recovery would have been more rapid soon after the end of the little ice age, and would be slowing down the further we moved away from it.